I was scared of two things after my baby was born, the first was getting baby blues and the second was that I wouldn’t have enough milk for my baby. But with my placenta pills I never had baby blues, I felt great and had all the energy I needed to take care of my little bundle of joy and he had PLENTY milk! So much that I had to reduce my pill intake. I recommend for all new mamas to get their placenta encapsulated it’s really worth it!!


I can’t put into words how much I love my placenta. It made recovering from birth so easy. No mood swings, only 5 days of bleeding, my milk came in 6 hours after taking the first capsules, and my energy levels were amazing. It was an absolute night and day difference from my previous birth experience. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your placenta encapsulated. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby during your new mommy days.


I was the one originally on board with placenta encapsulation. As a husband, you want to make sure your wife is happy and enjoying the new baby. Worried about baby blues I looked into available options. I knew she wanted to breastfeed, so most medications were out. That’s when I found out about the benefits of the placenta. I casually talked with my wife, and neither of us was keen on cooking it up. Then I came upon a site that spoke about the Eastern Medicine practice of grinding it up and putting it into capsules. It was like a light switched on. This was no different then the process used to make other drugs, and unlike those, the ingredients here were 100% natural. I asked my wife if she would take a pill that would help milk production, and stabilize her mood while minimizing the effects of baby blues and she readily agreed. After that there was no going back. The benefits I have seen have been worth my father in law’s sarcastic remark, and the rest of the family has been supportive. With the placenta pills my wife was able to quickly adjust to having our first child, and even now almost 4 months later, they continue to be a benefit as she has them available for the days she feels her milk production isn’t as much as she would like, or is just a little blue. In reality though, I have to ask myself two big questions: 1. Was it worth the cost? Yes. 2. After having done it once would you do it again? YES!


When I first heard of placenta encapsulation, I thought it sounded a little strange. After listening to several moms share their experiences and how it helped with their milk supply and post-partum depression though, I knew that I wanted to try it with my next baby. I have struggled with depression for years, and post-partum depression is a serious concern for me. With my son, my milk supply started decreasing as soon as I returned to work, and I lost it completely long before I was ready to be done breastfeeding. I was willing to try anything to ensure that I could nurse my next baby as long as we both wanted to.

After learning a little more about placenta encapsulation, I didn’t think it sounded so strange. I put it into the budget plans, and when my husband saw it there, he said that I didn’t need it. However, once I told him that it would help with postpartum depression and my milk supply, he was completely supportive, even when it required some sacrifice in the budget.

My post-partum “crash” happens a little sooner than most, and I had felt myself starting to crash before I got my pills back. I was so excited when Laura brought them over! They helped out immensely. Once I started taking them, I felt wonderful – so happy and energetic. I actually felt so great that I overdid it and started bleeding again. Oops!

I’ve saved some to use if/when my milk supply needs a little kick start. They were a lifesaver when I got the stomach flu about 7 weeks post-partum. I got terribly dehydrated and was so worried about my milk supply, but when I was feeling better, I took a couple of my placenta pills and my milk went right back up to where it had been before I got sick. What a relief! I take one or two occasionally still to help with my milk supply, and when I do, I always notice an increase in energy too. I will have any and all future placentas encapsulated!


I am not even sure how it’s even possible to begin to form my expression of gratitude to you and your amazing service. My placenta pills and tincture have been absolutely wonderful for balancing my hormones and stabilizing my mood after birth. They are my “happy pills”. Now that my menstrual cycle has returned they have helped greatly! Thank you. Laura Lowe Curtis you are an angel!


I was so excited to get my placenta. I had so much energy right after the birth but 24 hrs later I crashed and was pretty fatigued until I got my pills several days later, but once I had my placenta I had all the energy I could possibly need. I stopped taking my pills for a while because I didn’t need them anymore and wanted to save them for when I did. For a few days I decided I wanted to do some pumping to increase my storage of breastmilk for dates with my hubby so I started taking the pills again and my milk supply was tamped way up, and I once again had an extra burst of energy. I love my placenta pills. There’s a sort of safety in knowing you have a magic pill to chase away depression, fatigue, or bring a little life back to your milk supply. I fully intend to encapsulate every placenta I ever have.


Encapsulated placenta rules all. 12 days postpartum and I’m no longer bleeding. I’m not experiencing any depression or baby blues. I feel energized and ready to mommy everyone in my house who needs mommying. It’s a fantastic thing.


I suffered stage 4 tearing when my little guy was born and from what I had read and heard from friends who had bad tearing, healing takes a long time. My little guy is 3 weeks old now and I am no longer bleeding nor am I hurting. I know taking my placenta pills have helped me heal quicker than I would have on my own!


I just want to say I’ve had postpartum depression with each of my kids, but this time I had my placenta encapsulated and that has really made a world of difference for me! I’m a true believer now!!! Nothing’s worked better!


My husband tells all his friends that I ate my placenta. He loves it and was immediately supportive.


Every female mammal (camels excepted) eats their placenta directly following birth. It is an instinctual practice that speeds recovery and helps bring in their abundant milk supplies. American women are taught to fear and distrust their bodies and their natural instincts which leads to a feeling of revulsion for the placenta. Love your body, love your baby, love your placenta.


My husband could tell if I didn’t take my placenta capsules that day! I didn’t suffer with baby blues like I did with my other 3 babies.


I had a problem with my milk supply with my first son, I was dried up when he turned two months, and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it back. My daughter is now four months old and my milk is still coming in strong because of the placenta pills.